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Tutorial - How to Synchronize Folders and Files in Windows?

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Whenever you feel the need to synchronize folders and files across computers and devices, Free Better Sync should be the one crossing your mind. It can keep updated copies of folders with subfolders and files of any formats.

Set up Folder Sync Task Step 1. Set up Folder Sync Task

Click "New" tab and in the activated window, specify folder sync settings. Hit the folder icon in the bar of "Source folder" and in the popped up window, choose a folder as the source folder. Similarly, click the folder icon in the bar of "Destination folder" , select a folder as the destination folder.

Conveniently, you are allowed to enter the source/destination folder path respectively in the bar of "Source folder"/"Destination folder" and if the folder you enter does not exist, our free folder sync software will create one as you designate.

To switch source folder with destination folder, click "Switch Source with Destination". After that, enter a name for the sync task in the bar of "Project name." If there are some file types you don't want to sync, enter those file types in the bar of "File types to ignore" and separate them with ";" (e.g. .mp3;.avi;.zip).

If there are files which exist in destination folder but not in source folder and you don't want them, check "Delete files in destination folder if they do not exist in source folder". To adjust the buffer size, enter the size you want in "Buffer size(Kbytes)" box. To check whether two files are truly identical, you may choose one compare method from 4 options in "Compare method" menu: "Full File Search + Last Modified Date", "MD5 + Last Modified Date", "Compare Sizes + Last Modified Date" and "Just Last Modified Date".

When all settings are well-prepared, click "Save" and this folder sync software will save the new project to the task list.

Choose the Task to Proceed

Step 2. Choose the Task to Proceed

Tick the project(s) you want to process in the task list (all projects are ticked by default once added). Free Better Sync allows multiple tasks to be created and all of them will be added to the list. To check all tasks, click "Activate All"; to uncheck all, click "Deactivate All"; to reverse your selection, click "Reverse Activation" to delete the selected task from the list, click "Delete". To edit the settings of one of the tasks, select it and then click "Edit".

When a large number of tasks are to be carried out, it is necessary to start fold sync in a test mode by clicking "Preview". Before start folder sync, you can specify post-process actions like "Send Email when done" and "Shutdown when done". If you want to send email, in the tab of "Email Options", you need to enter the detailed info like name of sender and receiver, host, port, username and password for emailing log report after the process.

Start Folder Synchronization

Step 3. Start Folder Sync

When everything is ready, click "Run" to start folder sync. If you need to stop the process, click "Stop". When the process is finished and the log report will be generated, to view it, click "Logs".

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